The loan officers, mortgage brokers or independent contractors utilizing our services, are not employees nor representatives of our company. They maybe authorized to use our marketing materials, letterhead, business cards bearing our logo when using our service, however, they may also be utilizing other brokerage companies or be employees, contractors for other companies. The independent contractor is solely responsible for its own mortgage customers through its own independent efforts, and such borrowers will be the sole customers of Contractor, not of Fidelity Home Mortgage (FHM). Contractor shall at all times act solely as an independent Contractor and shall not under any circumstances be deemed to be an employee of FHM. Contractor shall maintain its own office and is responsible for all of its office overhead and expenses, including supplies, letterhead, clerical assistance, cards, telephone, etc. Contractor shall use its own judgment as to the time, place and manner of obtaining customers. Contractor shall be responsible for all costs associated with doing its business, including but not limited to, costs for appraisals, surveys, credit reports, title charges, delivery fees, postage, copying, and the like. Contractor shall advise the provider of any such products or services that Contractor is an independent contractor as to FHM and that FHM shall incur no responsibility for any such costs or expenses. Contractor has no authority to bind FHM to any agreement or to incur any debt or obligations on behalf of FHM.

Fidelity Home Mortgage does not warranty nor validate the information supplied by the loan officers utilizing Fidelity Home Mortgage's services or this website. Fidelity Home Mortgage is a mortgage broker approved with various lending institutions that allows independent contractors/loan officers to submit mortgage loan packages to certain mortgage lenders pursuant to Fidelity Home Mortgage's approval status with those lenders.

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